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The Owner and Proprietor of Goa Tour Advisor, Mrs. Ekta Kumari will be your Personal Hotel & Accommodation Consultant and Booking agent here in Goa. Since we are based at Candolim beach in North Goa hence we offer easy hotel bookings for any type of rooms and accommodations all over North Goa. Most of the tourists visiting Goa prefer to stay in North Goa as most of the happening places are in the North. Plus we also organize and arrange South Goa Sight Seeing Tours.


Deluxe Boutique Hotels of Goa

Boutique Hotels of Goa are very special and exclusive in their ambience, theme and decor of the complete resort. Most of the Boutique hotels or resorts of Goa cater to a specific theme or towards the special tastes of customers. For example: There are hotels or resorts totally dedicated to Yoga followers and Yoga lovers. There are hotels or resorts specially devoted to the medical field of Ayurveda, so it is an Ayurvedic Boutique Hotel. As always Goa Tour Advisor and Mrs. Ekta Kumari knows the best from the rest and we book you into the most soothing Boutique Hotel of Goa.

5 Star Luxury Hotels of Goa

These are actually hotels with 5 Star Accreditation but they are trying their level best to move ahead of the Standard 5 Star Hotels by providing major Luxurious facilities and services that would enable them in the near future to try and get the highest accreditation in the world’s hotel industry that is of a 7 Star official recognition. There are very few Luxury 5 Star Hotels & Resorts in Goa. If customer has exclusive & expensive tastes then Goa Tour Advisor and Mrs. Ekta Kumari are here to service their special needs.


5 Star Hotels of Goa

Goa has 26 plus 5 Star Category Hotels doing regular business in Goa. Every year there are more and more 5 Star Hotels getting established in the Tourism Industry of Goa. Goa Tour Advisor and Mrs. Ekta Kumari are directly associated as a room booking agent with all the major 5 Star Hotels in Goa. Most of the 5 – Star hotels of Goa offer the most luxurious premises, widest range of guest services as well as swimming pool, sports and exercise facilities within its hotel premises. Bookings and reservations are done by Goa Tour Advisor for any 5 Star Hotels in Goa on behalf of the client’s request.


4 Star Hotels of Goa

A 4 – Star Hotel of Goa is much more comfortable and larger and provides excellent cuisine (table d’hôtel and Alacarte) room service and other amenities. Goa Tour Advisor of Candolim, North Goa can book 4 Star Hotel accommodations for tourists.


3 Star Hotels of Goa

A 3 – Star Hotel in Goa has more spacious rooms and adds high class decorations and furnishings and Color TV with Cable ready channels. 3 Star Hotels in Goa also offer one or more bars or lounges. Goa Tour Advisor of Candolim, North Goa has booking arrangements with the best 3 Star Hotels of Goa.


2 Star Hotels of Goa

A 2 – Star hotel in Goa provides good accommodation and better equipped bedrooms, each with a telephone and attached private bathroom. 2 Star Hotels in Goa are entry level hotels in the deluxe and luxurious category hotel industry section of Goa. Goa Tour Advisor of Candolim, North Goa  can provide 2 Star Hotels accommodation to its clients too.


1 Star Hotels of Goa

A 1-Star hotel provides a limited range of amenities and services, but adheres to a high standard of facility-wide cleanliness. There are 1 Star Hotels in Goa but it becomes extremely difficult for a tourist to accurately find out one, while on a holiday in Goa. Goa Tour Advisor and Mrs. Ekta Kumari checks out the standard of the hotel physically and personally, so they are able to accurately guide their clients in choosing the right Star category hotel as per their budget and taste.


Luxury Resorts of Goa

More & more resorts are getting added to the acclaimed list of luxury resorts of Goa. Luxury resorts are easy to physically spot them on by efficient footwork as all luxury resorts of Goa are located in a very prime location or at a very popular beach of Goa. Luxury resorts of Goa have vast expanse of landscaped Goan land as part of their property for their guest’s leisurely use. Luxury resorts in Goa have all under one roof. Swimming pool to Supermarket, Beauty parlor to Massage parlor, Dinner restaurant to Discotheque, easy access to beach & easy access to privacy, 24 hours Coffee Shops to Luxurious Lounge areas.


Beach Resorts of Goa

Beach Resorts of Goa are specifically holiday resorts that are physically and geographically situation bang on the beach or the closest to the concerned beach. A beach resort is that holiday resort which has exclusive and undisturbed views of the Arabian Sea of Goa. Also holiday resorts of Goa which are at a close walking distance from a major beach are classified as beach resorts. Since Goa Tour Advisor is locally and physically operating its accommodation business from Candolim beach in North Goa itself, they are in a better position to choose a Resort that is truly a beach resort or the most closest from the concerned beach.


Standard Resorts of Goa

Standard Resorts are those holiday resorts in Goa which fit perfectly into the definition and classification of a resort but these resorts are only located a little or lot away from the concerned beach of Goa. Standard resorts of Goa room rates are economical when compared to the room rates of beach resorts of Goa, mainly for its distance away from the local beach. Goa Tour Advisor and Mrs. Ekta Kumari are aware of the classification of resorts according to their geographical and local location with respect to the Goa beach. Hence it is much safer and surer to get what you want when booking your Resort rooms through Mrs. Ekta Kumari here in Goa.


Economy/Budget Hotels of Goa

Economy or Budget Hotels of Goa are true to their name. They are those hotels where a tired tourist just wants to jump into bed after his full day of sightseeing and adventure activities in Goa. Basic and down to the earth rooms and accommodations is what one gets in economy hotels of Goa.


Business Hotels of Goa

Since Goa is a tourist and holiday destination, there are fewer Business hotels in Goa. There are a select few of hotels that are catering towards the floating population of business people who need office related services during their stay in Goa. Mrs. Ekta Kumari understands the needs and requirements of Business travellers to Goa and recommends only genuine business hotels that provide administrative and secretarial support services to businessmen on the move.


Goa Portuguese House Stays

For Heritage lovers and tourists who love to relive the magnificent Goan history will always desire to live within the high ceilinged walls of Goan Portuguese Houses. Very few Portuguese houses in Goa have opened their doors to tourists. Those who have,  Goa Tour Advisor is aware of and would be most pleased to make tourists holiday stay in Goa the most pleasant of all.


Holiday Beach Villas of Goa

Goa has over 72 plus different beaches in both North and South of Goa. Every beach of Goa is attached or situated on the shoreline of a beach village. Almost all the beach villages of Goa have hundreds of Holiday Beach Villas bang on the beach for rent to tourists. Goa Tour Advisor recommends Goa beach villas only for long staying tourists and those who are in a small group. According to Mrs. Ekta Kumari holiday beach villas of Goa are pleasant and perfect for small & medium families desiring to stay close to the beach of Goa.


Rent Back Apartments of Goa

Sale and rent back is a form of property transaction involving the speedy sale of an owner occupier's residence to a landlord or Property Company and renting it back from the new owner. Goa has many rent back opportunities where rent back apartments are existing in the middle of nice holiday resort. Goa Tour Advisor has a keen sense of such rent back holiday properties which are perfect holiday homes in the midst of a holiday resort of Goa.


Holiday Beach Huts of Goa

Beach huts accommodation in Goa is a small size wooden and often brightly coloured, beach house above the high tide mark on many popular beaches of Goa. Beach huts in Goa are generally very down to the earth and basic beach accommodation provided by the many local businessmen along the coast of Goa. Beauty of beach huts is that they are located bang on the beach, just a short distance away from the High Tide Line. Majority of Goa Beach Huts are made from natural and perishable materials. Some of the newer beach huts provide ceramic flooring, basic pantry facilities and wooden beds to unwind in.  Having windows and thatched roof or Mangalore tiled roof. The walls can be of wooden or some natural material. Main advantage of all beach huts are their close proximity to the wonderful beaches they are located on. Goa Tour Advisor suggests beach huts are perfect for honeymoon couples, newlyweds, romantic couples and people who just love to live on the beach all day and night.


Goa Guest Houses

Goan Hospitality is well known and world famous for its generosity, kindness and welcoming attitude to tourists from all over India and the World. Millions of tourists visit Goa every year and hence there is always a shortage of good quality room accommodation in Goa. To fulfill this demand for rooms in Goa, every beach village of Goa has locals who open up a part of their Ancestral Portuguese House or Goan House or Modern Beach Bungalow to accommodate tourists as paying guests. Goa Tour Advisor owner Mrs. Ekta Kumari has over the 1 decade of room booking experience and has created a database of Clean, Caring and Comfortable Guest House Rooms that are wonderful to stay in Goa.


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